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What makes OVMA Pet Health Insurance your best option?

As the only pet insurance company designed and backed by Ontario’s veterinarians, we’re confident that OVMA Pet Health Insurance offers the most complete, flexible, and benefit-rich plans to suit your pet’s needs. The OVMA believes strongly that having pet insurance is the best way to plan for unexpected pet accidents or illnesses. To see how our plans stack up against the competition, take a look at the table below:
Pets Plus
Coverage for taxes, exam fees, specialist consultation, referrals, rechecks, emergency fees.
Medical records reviewed at point of purchase. No hidden surprises or delays at first claim!
Quick and efficient claims turnaround – often same day!
24/7 emergency support for veterinary practices.
Larger claim payout due to applying deductible first and co-insurance second.
Customer loyalty discounts.
Coverage for routine dental exams and cleanings included in every plan.
select coverage
Self-financing of select costs with optional separate wellness plan
Wellness care coverage option, such as annual exam and vaccinations, routine bloodwork, urinalysis, etc.
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Select coverage
Self-financing of select costs with optional separate wellness plan
Ability to pay practice directly.
Pet owner assistance with every policy, such as lost pet advertising & reward, boarding when you’re in hospital, holiday cancellation, cremation or burial
Rider available for an additional fee
Includes additional coverage for alternative therapy, behavioural therapy, and medical devices on every plan.
No behavioural therapy or medical device coverage
Select behavioural and alternative, no medical devices
Limited coverage available for an additional fee
Select alternative therapies only, no behavioural
Dental illness covered with no exclusion even if your pet had tartar or gingivitis before the end of your waiting period.