Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What does my policy cover?

Check out the Your Products page for more details. For additional information on your coverage, review your Policy Wordings.

Q. What do I pay for?

You will pay your monthly insurance premiums. If your pet visits the veterinarian, you pay the full amount of the bill at the clinic, then submit the form to us. We’ll reimburse up to 80% of the costs, and you’ll be responsible for paying the co-insurance and deductible.

Q. Will my deductible go up if I make too many claims? What about my premiums?

Nope! Neither will increase in response to the number of claims you make. Your deductible will change as your pet ages and becomes susceptible to more illnesses/injuries. In order to help keep our insurance affordable for all of our customers, we occasionally adjust the co-insurance amount for a small percentage of claimants. Like with any insurance, inflation and other outside forces may result in premium increases over time.

Q. Do you provide dental coverage?

We do! Each of our plans has an annual dental coverage amount. There’s a six-month waiting period for dental coverage on all pets.

Q. How long until my claim is paid?

We do our best to turn around claims as quickly as we can! You’ll be notified by email on the day your claim is completed, and you can view the Explanation of Benefits in the Customer Portal. If you choose direct withdrawal, we can have your claim reimbursements deposited directly into your account, so you don’t have to wait for the mail!

Q. What is a deductible, anyway?

Your deductible is an annual amount which must be satisfied by one or more claims with covered expenses. The deductible is applied first, and co-insurance second. With our plans, you only pay your deductible once a year, no matter how many claims you make, and only if you need to make a claim.

Q. Do you cover senior pets?

We cover dogs and cats of all ages and the coverage does not change based on age. All we ask is that you provide us with your pets older pet test medical records before the policy underwriting is completed. This includes a complete exam, urinalysis and blood tests.

Q. What’s co-insurance?

Co-insurance is the portion of your claim that you’re responsible for paying. It’s a way of ensuring that premiums remain affordable.

Q. Do I need to go to an OVMA clinic?

No you don’t, you can go to any licensed veterinarian clinic in Canada.

Q. Do you offer coverage for alternative therapy?

We do! Up to $350 per category, per year for treatments like massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic; plus behavioural therapy and medical devices. You’re covered no matter which plan you choose!

Q. What if my pet develops an ongoing condition?

As long as you stay enrolled with an OVMA pet insurance policy, your pet will stay covered! Every one of our plans provides renewable limits for accidents and illnesses throughout your pet’s lifetime.

Q. Can I make a claim right away?

With all three of our plans, there is a 48-hour waiting period for accidents and a 14-day waiting period for illnesses. You’ll have to wait six months for dental, cruciate ligament and IVDD coverage. Our preventative care coverage, which applies specifically to our Unlimited+ plan, has no waiting periods.

Q. When do I have to make payments?

We debit your monthly premiums starting on the day you enroll. Your payments going forward will be debited on the same day each month, unless you set a different day in your Customer Portal.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do. Should you continue your coverage for 1 year, we will apply a 3% loyalty discount! When you policy reaches its second anniversary, your monthly premium discount will increase to 5% and will remain there for the lifetime of the policy. We also offer a multi-pet discount. When you sign up for 3 or more pets, you will receive 10% off your monthly premiums. When you sign up 6 or more pets, you will receive 15% off your premiums!

Q. Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

Sorry, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered. That’s something that applies with all other pet insurance companies as well. We consider a pre-existing condition to be something that occurred (or showed symptoms) before your pet started his or her policy, or during the waiting periods.